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Johnny Rutledge is a visual artist. BlackLeaderFilms is his work.

Johnny Rutledge


I’m known for my creative solutions and meeting deadlines. I’ve worked successfully with large and small companies. I combine strategic thinking, creative ideation and visual story telling to effectively compose and communicate ideas.

I’m often sought after for my skills and as a graphic designer. I approach every marketing challenge as an opportunity to bring Story, Design, and Ideas to life. My background outside film and video is in art and design.

      • While edgy and militant sounding the name Black Leader Films comes from the beginning and the last of every film you’ve ever seen in a theater. When the theater is dark you’re actually watching the black leader blocking the projector bulb.
      • BlackLeaderFilms noun ; A collective of artist working together on cinematic endeavors.




-Creative Director for Hot On! Homes (TV Show)
-Freelance Editor IMC2
-Managing Director for Video Association of Dallas
-GFX & Design for The Horse TV Network.
-Creative Director for IMGRP (commercials)
-Scott Howell Co. (Freelance editor)
-Lockheed Martin (Freelance editor)
-Hothaus Creative (Freelance editor)



Hot On Homes : (‘11-current)
BET “Sunday Best” Leadman ArtDept (’11)
Kay Bailey Hutchison “A Shot”: Editor(’10)
IMGRP inc. commercials: 2nd Dir. Editor. Writer. (07-09)
DVF PROGRAM OPEN: Director (’07)
WHNT CH 19 NEWS (Opens): Editor (’07)
BUZZ FREE PROM-07: Editor (’07)
RAPTOR RANCH (Feature): Editor (‘07)
CURRENT TV: Editor (show intros)
KERA PBS Dallas TX: Cameraman and Editor.



University of Texas at Arlington film/video program. Graduate of Dallas’ Arts Magnet 1998.